Who’s Giving Money to the Super-PACs?

Personally, I do not have $1 million to give to support a candidate of my choosing. Hell, I don’t really have a spare grand to give over. But plenty of people do, as reported by the NYT. The Super-PAC supporting the Romney campaign lists 10 donors who each gave an even million. In total the Super-PAC has already raised over $30 million. The Super-PAC supporting the president has only two such donors, including $2 million from Hollywood exec Jeffrey Katzenberg and a million from the SEIU.

Gingrich’s Super-PAC only reported $2 million in donations through the end of last year, but has since raised $10 million from casino and hotel mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife.

In what world are these donations compatible with a functioning democracy? Do we want the president beholden to Hollywood, or Wall Street, or a casino mogul? But thanks to the SCOTUS, these donations are all completely legal. It may be time for Americans to take back their government.


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